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Dataset Description

Division of Water Resources Geophysical Logs received during the completion of a well. A detailed record (a well log) of the geologic formations penetrated by a well. Contains Aquifer Top, Bottom, and Saturated Sand Thickness. Geophysical Log images associated with oil and gas exploration are typically stored in the Colorado Oil and Gas Information System (COGIS)

Columns in this Dataset
Column Name Description Type
Aquifer Picks Aquifers identified from geophysical log Text
Base of Grout Depth from surface to base of grout (feet) Integer
Bottom of Perforated Casing Depth from surface to bottom of perforated casing (feet) Integer
COGCC ID Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission well identifier Text
County County where the well is located Text
Direction E/W Direction of measurement from East/West section line Text
Direction N/S Direction of measurement from North/South section line Text
Distance E/W Distance and direction from East/West section line (feet) Integer
Distance N/S Distance and direction from North/South section line (feet) Integer
Div DWR Water Division Integer
Elevation Surface elevation at the location of the well (feet above mean sea level) real
Elevation Accuracy Accuracy of the ground surface elevation Text
Latitude Latitude (decimal degrees) Decimal (8,6)
Location Accuracy Accuracy of location coordinates Text
Location Number Bureau of Reclamation location identification string based on the PLSS location Text
Log Bottom Bottom depth of performed geophysical log (feet) Integer
Log Date Date that geophysical log was recorded date
Log Top Depth to depth of performed geophysical log (feet) Integer
Log Type Type of geophysical logging performed Text
Longitude Longitude (decimal degrees) Decimal (9,6)
Modified Last date and time this record was modified in the DWR database DateTime
More Info Hyperlink to additional details Text
Permit Concatenation of permit number, suffix code, and replacement code Text
Permit No Permit Number Integer
Permit Rpl Permit Replacement code Text
Permit Suf Permit Suffix code Text
PM Principal Meridian of well’s legal location - there are 5 principal meridians in CO: Sixth (S), New Mexico (N), Baca (B), Costilla (C), and Ute (U) Text
Q10 Legal location: 10 acre quarter section Text
Q160 Legal location: 160 acre quarter section Text
Q40 Legal location: 40 acre quarter section Text
Range Legal location: A number in the format “nnnd” where “nnn” is the range number and “d” is the direction either East or West Text
Receipt Permit application receipt number Text
Section Section number - township, range divided into 36 one square mile sections; “U” indicates location in Ute Correction (Division 7 only) Text
Top Perforated Casing Depth from surface to top of perforated casing (feet) Integer
UTM X The x (Easting) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (Zone 13, NAD83 datum) Decimal (8,1)
UTM Y The y (Northing) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (Zone 13, NAD83 datum) Decimal (8,1)
WD DWR Water District Integer
WDID DWR unique structure identifier Text
Well Depth Completed depth of well (ft) Integer
Well ID Unique ID of well in DWR database Integer
Well Name Name of well in DWR database Text