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Dataset Description

DWR Stations data includes Station information and time series measurements of surface water, groundwater, environmental and climate data.

The search radio options offer the following results:

  • All Stations: current and historical stations, with period of record (POR)
  • Current Conditions:  current surface water stations with most recent measured values

Click 'View' on any record to see Station Details.  Click 'Data Dictionary' below for more definitions.

Columns in this Dataset
Column Name Description Type
Abbrev Station name abbreviation. Eight character code, last two characters are the State initials. Text
CALL Scenario Scenario of downstream senior which triggered this Alert. Options are: CALL; AUTHORIZED DIVERSION; FUTILE CALL; NONCONSUMPTIVE CALL Text
CALL WDID WDID of downstream senior CALL, which triggered this Alert Text
Comparison Interval How much time to average together and THEN compare to threshold value. If you want to be notified when any single value violates the threshold, then select 15 minutes. Integer
Contributing Area Size of contributing drainage area in square miles real
Cooperator ID Unique ID from Station Cooperator, if applicable Text
Current Shift Shift amount applied to rating table Text
District DWR Water District Integer
Div DWR Water Division Integer
Division DWR Water Division Integer
Drainage Area The drainage area, in square miles, that drains to this Station numeric
Elevation Elevation (feet above mean sea level) real
GNIS ID Unique ID within Geographic Names Information System Text
HUC10 Ten digit hydrologic unit code Text
Is Active Use this checkbox to control if the Alert is currently on and working (active), or turned off Bit
Is Owner If YES, you created and control this Alert. If NO, you are a recipient and can not edit this Alert but you can UNSUBSCRIBE. Bit
Modified Last date time that this record was modified in the DWR database DateTime
Modified By Person who last modified this record Integer
Observation Flag

Observation Flags
***, Temporarily unavailable;
--, Parameter not determined;
B, Value below minimum value in Rating Table;
Bkw, Flow affected by backwater;
Dis, Data-collection discontinued;
Dry, Dry;
E, Value exceeds maximum value in Rating Table;
Eqp, Equipment malfunction;
Fld, Flood damage;
Ice, Ice affected;
M, Missing Rating Table;
Mnt, Maintenance in progress;
Pr, Partial-record site;
Rat, Rating being developed or revised;
Ssn, Parameter monitored seasonally;
Wtr, Winter Operation, Satellite Eqp turned off;
ZFl, Zero flow

Parameter The measured parameter (or variable) Text
Parameter Units Measurement units Text
Period of Record Date of first measurement to date of last measurement varchar
POR End End of period of record date
POR Start Start of period of record date
Previous Adjudication Date The previous adjudication date field allows water rights to be ordered by priority with all rights awarded subsequent to a previous adjudication being junior Date
Rating Table Name Station stage/discharge rating table Text
Review Status O = Original, as collected; P = Provisional, partialy proecssed. A = Approved, review complete. U = 3rd party data. Text
Send an when data gets stale (old)? Check this box to be notified when the station data is stale (old) past the Stale Alert Interval selected Text
Shift Adjustment Shift value applied to rating table float
Snooze Interval Once an alert is triggered, the snooze interval is how long to wait before re-testing against that threshold. When the threshold is re-tested after the snooze interval, a determination is then made based on the latest reading, as to whether a new Alert message is sent. Integer
Stage Measured stage and units, and any observation flags Text
Stage Quality Stage observation flag for this measurement, as recorded Text
Stage Units Measurement units Text
Stage Value Measured stage float
Stale Alert Interval If no data is received for this period of time, sends a stale data alert (if box is checked) Integer
Stream Mile Distance in miles to the confluence with the next downstream water source (or distance to state line) Decimal (10,2)
Stream Mile Distance in miles to the confluence with the next downstream water source (or distance to state line) Decimal(10,2)
Threshold Type Min, Max, Rate of Rise or Fall. Stale data means no new record has been received since the selected Stale Interval value. Text
Threshold Value The alert threshold numeric value Text
USGS Station ID US Geologic Survey station identifier Text
UTM X The x (Easting) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (NAD83 datum) Decimal (8,1)
UTM Y The y (Northing) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (Zone 13, NAD83 datum) Decimal (8,1)
Water Source Name of water source that station is on or associated with Text
Water Year Water year, October 1 to September 30 Integer
WD DWR Water District Integer
WDID Uniue ID in the DWR database, the first two digits are the Water District Text