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Dataset Description

Administrative structures are a variety of things -- see the data dictionary for a list of structure types -- used for diverting, storing, releasing, measuring or managing water. Structures may be on-stream of off-stream, and are associated with a specific water source.

Diversion Records are associated with Structures. See guidance document
How to Get Structure Diversion Records from CDSS.

Columns in this Dataset
Column Name Description Type
Associated Case Numbers Water court case number(s) associated with water right Text
Associated Meters List of meters associated with WDID Text
Associated Permits List of well permits associated with WDID Text
CIU Code Current in use code of structure Text
Contacts Contacts associated with structure Text
County County where the structure is located Text
Designated Basin Eight established geographic areas in Colorado's Eastern Plains where users rely primarily on groundwater for water supply Text
Direction E/W Direction of measurement from East/West section line Text
Direction N/S Direction of measurement from North/South section line Text
Distance E/W Distance and direction from East/West section line (feet) Integer
Distance N/S Distance and direction from North/South section line (feet) Integer
Div DWR Water Division Integer
GNIS ID National Hydrographic Dataset stream identifier Text
Latitude Latitude (decimal degrees) Decimal (8,6)
Location Accuracy Accuracy of location coordinates Text
Longitude Longitude (decimal degrees) Decimal (9,6)
Management District Thirteen local districts, within the Designated Basins, with additional administrative authority Text
Permit No Permit Number Integer
Permit Rpl Permit Replacement code Text
Permit Suf Permit Suffix code Text
PM Principal Meridian of well’s legal location - there are 5 principal meridians in CO: Sixth (S), New Mexico (N), Baca (B), Costilla (C), and Ute (U) Text
POR End Date of last measurement in the well’s period of record date
POR Start Date of first measurement in the well’s period of record date
Q10 Legal location: 10 acre quarter section Text
Q160 Legal location: 160 acre quarter section Text
Q40 Legal location: 40 acre quarter section Text
Range Legal location: A number in the format “nnnd” where “nnn” is the range number and “d” is the direction either East or West Text
Section Section number - township, range divided into 36 one square mile sections; “U” indicates location in Ute Correction (Division 7 only) Text
Stream Mile Distance in miles to the location downstream where the stream became a tributary to a larger stream. On the main stem, it is the distance to the state line. Decimal (10,2)
Structure Name Name of Structure Text
Structure Name (WDID) Structure name and WDID (unique DWR ID) Text
Structure Name AKAs Alternate names for structure Text
Structure Type Type of structure Text
Township Legal location: Township number and direction Text
User Assocation For future use - well associations, water districts, etc. Text
UTM X The x (Easting) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (Zone 13, NAD83 datum) Decimal (7,1)
UTM Y The y (Northing) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (Zone 13, NAD83 datum) Decimal (8,1)
Water Source Name of the water source as specified in the court case Text
WD DWR water district Integer
WDID DWR unique structure identifier Text