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Open Subdivision Guideline Guideline 2016-1 Concerning Water Supplies for Auxiliary Living Spaces 2016-12-07
Open Subdivision Guideline Guideline 2019-2: Late Subdivision Letter Process 2019-05-16
Open Subdivision Guideline Subdivision Memo to All County Land Use Planning Directors regarding the State Engineer's Office review of subdivision water supply plans 2005-03-16
Open Subdivision Policy Policy 1999-1: Location of Conditional Ground Water Rights (Water Wells) in a Proposed Subdivision within a Pending Plan for Augmentation 1999-03-12
Open Subdivision Policy Policy 2011-1 Concerning the Evaluation of New Divisions of Land by Subdivision, Subdivision Exemption, and Cluster Development when Considering Proposals for Water Supply from Proposed Wells or Existing Wells 2021-03-24
Open Subdivision Policy Policy 2011-3 Concerning Commercial Activities On Property Served By Exempt Wells 2018-03-01
Open Subdivision Policy REVOKED 3/11/11 - Policy 1995-7 (See Policy 2011-1): Subdivision Water Supply Plan Review - Descriptive Clarification for Evaluation Criteria for Wells located in proposed Housing Subdivisions 1995-12-28