Permit Action Names URL Generator

This URL Generator generates the URL from selected model dataset fields.

Argument Key Description Operator/Value
Format for returned data. Default=json
Forces encoding of response using "gzip" or "deflate" encoding to cut down on network response size. Leave blank to let the response headers manage the encoding.
Format for dates in returned data. Leave blank for default.

Which fields to return, if you only want specific fields. Leave blank to return all fields.
Action name
Maximum number of rows to return (or up to remaining user available rows for the day, whichever is less). Default and max page size = 50,000 Page size:
If a page size is included and page size is less than the number of rows the query would have returned, page index can be used to tell the server which rows to return. Default page index = 1. Page index:
The API key to allow more daily returned rows/requests than the default amounts. API key:

CAUTION: Large datasets will slow down or freeze your browser. You should:
  • Make your query as specific as possible
  • Match the 'modified' date to your capture frequency
  • Possibly limit your 'pageSize' (at least to preview data)