The CDSS REST services provide HydroBase data programmatically for consumption by outside entities. Users can request data from the services in two ways:

  • Enter a properly constructed URL in your browser or other application (such as a spreadsheet)
  • Send a properly constructed request object with a header

Administrative Calls Data on active and historic administrative calls
Analysis Services Analysis data for administrative calls and water sources
Climate Stations Data on climate stations
Dam Safety Data on dams and dam safety
Diversion Records Data on diversion records and waterclasses
Groundwater Geophysical Logs Groundwater data related to geophysical logs
Groundwater Levels Groundwater data related to water levels
Parcel Use TS Parcel-use time series data
Reference Tables Reference table information, which may help with other searches
Structures Data on administrative structures
Surface Water Data on surface water - rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, and reservoirs
Telemetry Stations Data on Telemetry Stations
Water Rights Data on water rights
Well Permits Data on well permits

Datasets - All

APIDescriptionUrl GeneratorArea

Datasets - Administrative Calls

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/administrativecalls/active

Returns list of active administrative calls

Active Administrative Calls Generator
GET api/v2/administrativecalls/historical

Returns list of historical administrative calls

Historical Administrative Calls Generator

Datasets - Analysis Services

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/analysisservices/watersourcerouteanalysis

Returns all WDID(s), and their stream mile, located between two different stream locations on the DWR Water Source Framework.

Water Source Route Analysis Info Generator
GET api/v2/analysisservices/watersourcerouteframework

Returns the DWR source route framework reference table for the criteria specified

Water Source Route Framework Info Generator
GET api/v2/analysisservices/callanalysisbywdid

Performs a call analysis that returns a time series showing the percentage of each day that the specified WDID and priority was out of priority and the downstream call in priority.

Call Analysis Structure Info Generator
GET api/v2/analysisservices/callanalysisbygnisid

Performs a call analysis that returns a time series showing the percentage of each day that the specified stream/stream mile and priority was out of priority and the downstream call in priority.. This can be used when there is not an existing WDID to be analyzed.

Call Analysis Stream Mile Info Generator

Datasets - Dam Safety

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/damsafety/damsafetydaminfojd

Returns jurisdictional dam info

Jurisdictional Dams Generator
GET api/v2/damsafety/damsafetydaminfonjd

Returns non-jurisdictional dam info

Non-Jurisdictional Dams Generator
GET api/v2/damsafety/damsafetydaminfolswtecd

Returns livestock and erosion control info

Livestock and Erosion Control Generator

Datasets - Diversion Records

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/structures/divrec/waterclasses

Returns list of waterclasses

Water Classes Generator
GET api/v2/structures/divrec/comments

Returns list of comments based on WDID

Diversion Record Comments Generator
GET api/v2/structures/divrec/stagevolume

Returns list of stage volumes based on WDID

Diversion Record Stage Volumes Generator
GET api/v2/structures/divrec/divrecday

Returns list of Diversion Records By Day
NOTICE - Changed: Can now search by multiple WDID's in one request

Diversion Records By Day Generator
GET api/v2/structures/divrec/divrecmonth

Returns list of Diversion Records By Month
NOTICE - Changed: Can now search by multiple WDID's in one request

Diversion Records By Month Generator
GET api/v2/structures/divrec/divrecyear

Returns list of Diversion Records By Year
NOTICE - Changed: Can now search by multiple WDID's in one request

Diversion Records By Year Generator

Datasets - Groundwater Geophysical Logs

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/groundwater/geophysicallogs/wells

Returns GeophysicalLogsWell from filters.

Well Sites Generator
GET api/v2/groundwater/geophysicallogs/geoplogpicks

Returns list of groundwater Geophysical Log picks by well ID

Geophysical Log picks Generator

Datasets - Groundwater Levels

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/groundwater/waterlevels/wells

Returns WaterLevelsWell from filters.

Well Sites Generator
GET api/v2/groundwater/waterlevels/wellmeasurements

Returns list of Groundwater Measurements.

Well Measurements Generator

Datasets - Parcel Use TS

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/structures/parcelusets

Returns list of Parcel Use Time Series

Parcel Use Time Series Generator

Datasets - Reference Tables

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/county

Returns county names

Colorado Counties Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/designatedbasin

Returns list of designated basins

Designated Basins Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/groundwaterpublication

Returns list of Groundwater Publications

Groundwater Publications Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/managementdistrict

Returns Management Districts

Management Districts Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/permitactionname

Returns list of Permit Action Names

Permit Action Names Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/waterdistrict

Returns list of Water Districts

Water Districts Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/waterdivision

Returns list of Water Divisions

Water Divisions Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/telemetryparams

Returns list of Telemetry Parameters

Telemetry Parameters Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/climatestationmeastype

Returns list of Climate Station Measurement Types

Climate Station Measurement Types Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/currentinusecodes

Returns list of Current In Use Codes

Current In Use Codes Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/divrecobservationcodes

Returns list of Div Rec Observation Codes

Diversion Record Observation Codes Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/divrectypes

Returns list of Div Rec Types

Diversion Record Types Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/diversionnotusedcodes

Returns list of Diversion Not Used Codes

Diversion Not Used Codes Generator
GET api/v2/referencetables/stationflags

Returns list of Station Flags and their descriptions

Station Flags Generator

Datasets - Structures

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/structures

Returns list of administrative structures

Administrative Structures Generator

Datasets - Telemetry Stations

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetrystation

Returns telemetry stations and their most recent parameter reading
NOTICE - Changed: Added 2 new date fields to data (can also search on them). Can now search by historic status and third party status

Telemetry Stations Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetrystationdatatypes

Returns telemetry stations data types info and their available period of record
NOTICE - Changed: Added 2 new date fields to data (can also search on them). Can now search by historic status and third party status

Telemetry Stations Data Types Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetrytimeseriesraw

Returns telemetry time series data in orginally recorded timestep
NOTICE - Changed: Can now search by multiple abbrev's and parameter's in one request. Can also include third party data now

Telemetry Time Series Raw Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetrytimeserieshour

Returns telemetry time series data aggregated to a hour timestep
NOTICE - Changed: Can now search by multiple abbrev's and parameter's in one request. Can also include third party data now

Telemetry Time Series Hour Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetrytimeseriesday

Returns telemetry time series data aggregated to a day timestep
NOTICE - Changed: Can now search by multiple abbrev's and parameter's in one request. Can also include third party data now

Telemetry Time Series Day Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetryshiftadjustedratingtable

Returns telemetry shift adjusted rating table results

Telemetry Shift Adjusted Rating Table Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetrydecodesettings

Returns current telemetry decode settings (e.g. current shift, current rating table name, and shift curve name)

Telemetry Decode Settings Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetryratingtable

Returns telemetry rating table results

Telemetry Rating Table Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetryshiftcurve

Returns telemetry shift curve results

Telemetry Stations Shift Curve Generator
GET api/v2/telemetrystations/telemetrydischargemeasurement

Returns discharge measurements made at telemetry stations

Telemetry Stations Discharge Measurement Summary Generator

Datasets - Water Rights

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/waterrights/netamount

Returns current status of a water right based on all of its court decreed actions

Water Rights Net Amounts Generator
GET api/v2/waterrights/transaction

List of court decreed actions that affect amount and use(s) that can be used by each water right

Water Rights Transactions Generator

Datasets - Well Permits

APIDescriptionUrl Generator
GET api/v2/wellpermits/wellpermit

Returns well permits

Well Permits Generator
GET api/v2/wellpermits/wellpermitactionhistory

Returns list of well permit actions

Well Permit Action History Generator

Getting started

Version number: 2.3.3
Version Number - API address:
Current user's usage data - API address:
Release Notes / Version Changes
Example usage of REST API using Google Sheets. You can make a copy of the sheet if you'd like to modify it or test different queries.
Example usage of REST API using javascript. You can download a copy of the web page here
Example usage of REST API using Excel

See the OpenCDSS repository for examples how to use various tools and technologies with the HydroBase REST web services.

The CDSS REST service limits both the number of calls a user can make on a given day, as well as the total number of data rows that can be retrieved. This service allows both anonymous and registered users.

There is also a limit for how many records can be returned in a single request, which is 50,000. Multiple requests are necessary to get more records.

Anonymous Users: anonymous users are limited to 1,000 calls per day and 600,000 rows of data.

Registered Users: to sign up for an API Key/token:

  1. Go here to sign up for an account through the DWR portal
  2. Once signed up and signed in, follow this link to find your API Key/token or to request a limit increase
You must then include the API Key/token with the data request, which you can do in either of two ways:

  1. Request Header: programmers may add the API Key to the http request header. This is the syntax for the custom header:
        Token: B9xxxxx-xxxx-4D47-y
  2. URL argument: a user may instead add the API Key directly to the URL as an argument. Example:
    or when combined with other arguments:

URL Syntax

The user specifies filter parameters by entering them in the arguments section of the URL.

  • Each argument key is followed by an equal sign, then the value (Ex. wellName=thiswellname)
  • Each argument value should be properly URL encoded (the url generators do the encoding for you), otherwise you may get unexpected results
    • You can test whether an argument needs to be URL encoded below
      Input value:
      Encoded value:
  • Multiple arguments are separated by ampersands (&) (Ex. wellName=thiswellname&division=5)
  • The order of the arguments does not matter
  • If you misspell an argument name, you will be sent back an error and the query won't run
  • Make argument strings as detailed as possible to reduce the number of rows returned to just what you need

The following ‘wildcards’ can be included in the argument string.

Syntax Description Example Returned By Example
min- Allows dates and numeric field values to return data that meets a ‘minimum’ value threshold min-measurementDate=1/1/2000 All time series data with dates greater than or equal to 1/1/2000
max- Allows dates and numeric field values to return data that meets a ‘maximum’ value threshold max-wellDepth=50 all wells with a well depth less than or equal to 50 feet
* * is a wildcard, can be placed at the beginning of a string value, the end of the value, or both
  1. wellName=AB*
  2. wellName=*AB
  3. wellName=*AB*
  1. all wells with name beginning with AB
  2. all wells with a name ending with AB
  3. all wells with a name containing AB

The following are optional additional arguments common to all queries.

Syntax Type Description
format string To return data as Json, XML, CSV (comma separated values), TSV (tab separated values), or GeoJson, add format to the argument string as follows:
  • format=json
  • format=xml
  • format=csv
  • format=tsv
  • format=geo
Note: GeoJson is only available on certain datasets!

If you want an empty ResponseData object instead of an error when no data is available, add "forced" to the end of the format (Ex: format=jsonforced)

pageSize integer Maximum number of rows to return (or up to remaining user available rows for the day, whichever is less). Default and max page size = 50,000
pageIndex integer If a page size is included and page size is less than the number of rows the query would have returned, page index can be used to tell the server which rows to return. Ex: the query returns 20,000 rows, but the user only wants 50 rows starting at page 3 (the 150th record - 200th record). The user would enter pageSize=50&pageIndex=3. Default page index = 1.
encoding string If a user has no control over the headers being sent and would like to encode using "gzip" or "deflate" compression to save network bandwidth. To use gzip encoding the user would enter encoding=gzip. This overrides the "Accept-Encoding" header's value (if there is one)
fields string If a user knows that they only want a certain set of fields in the response, they can enter a comma delimited list of fields, and only those will be returned (in CSV format, this will set the order of fields in the resulting CSV output as well). For example, in the Active Admin Calls service, a user could enter fields=callNumber,dateTimeSet to only retrieve those two fields.
dateFormat string If a user is needing the dates to be in a certain format to be parsed by their code/program, they can specify a few different formats for the dates in the response. The options are:
  • dateFormat=spaceSeparated (Ex: 2021-07-25 20:38:04.5421414-06:00)
  • dateFormat=tSeparated (Ex: 2021-07-25T20:38:04.5421414-06:00)
  • dateFormat=spaceSepNoTimeZone (Ex: 2021-07-25 20:38:04.5421414)
  • dateFormat=tSepNoTimeZone (Ex: 2021-07-25T20:38:04.5421414)
  • dateFormat=spaceSepToSeconds (Ex: 2021-07-25 20:38:04)
  • dateFormat=tSepToSeconds (Ex: 2021-07-25T20:38:04)
  • dateFormat=spaceSepToMinutes (Ex: 2021-07-25 20:38)
  • dateFormat=tSepToMinutes (Ex: 2021-07-25T20:38)
  • dateFormat=dateOnly (Ex: 2021-07-25)
  • dateFormat=timeOnly (Ex: 20:38:04.5421414-06:00)
  • dateFormat=timeOnlyNoTimeZone (Ex: 20:38:04.5421414)
  • dateFormat=timeOnlyToSeconds (Ex: 20:38:04)
  • dateFormat=timeOnlyToMinutes (Ex: 20:38)
If importing into Excel or Google Sheets, the "spaceSeparated" option works the best.

Response Status and Error Codes

The CDSS REST service returns data through an HTTP get command. Each response contains an HTTP Status Code. It is important to check the status code to understand the response from the service.

HTTP Response Status Error Code Description
200 Ok The request was successfully executed
400 Bad Request An error happened during the data query. A message should be returned that explains the error.
403 Forbidden This error happens when the user is being blocked by the service. This is typical when the user has exceeded either their daily data limit, or number of allowable data rows. These limit values are reset daily, allowing the user to resume the following day.
404 Not Found The query was successfully executed, but returned no results.
500 Internal_Server_Error This means there was an error with the service itself, not the query. DWR support team is usually notified right away and will resolve the issue.
502 Connection_Failed The service was unavailable
503 Server_Unavailable This error means the service is currently down. Possible conditions include maintenance, overload or power failure. The system should be back online shortly.

Custom Response Headers

HTTP response headers tell you about the returned message. In addition to standard http headers, DWR adds the following custom headers to explain data results and access limitations as explained below.

Header Name Value Type Description
X-Result-Count integer Number of data rows returned
X-Rate-Row-Limit integer Maximum number of data rows current user is allotted on a daily basis
X-Rate-Row-Remaining integer Number of data rows that can still be returned for the current day
X-Rate-Request-Limit integer Maximum number of call attempts the user is allotted on a daily basis
X-Rate-Request-Remaining integer Number of calls the user may still make for the current day
X-Rate-Reset-Date date Date when the number of calls used and rows returned are reset to zero
X-Version-Number string The current service version number at the time of the request

Response Data Formats

Each successful data search will return a complex object with the following elements:

Field Type Description
PageCount integer If the query results would have been greater than the page size (either default or defined), this number reflects the total number of pages the query could return
PageNumber integer If pageIndex is defined, returns the selected page index, otherwise 1
ResultCount integer Number of records returned
ResultDateTime date/time Date and time the of the request

Depending on the format requested, the rest of the data will be as follows:
NOTE: By default, neither json nor xml formats have extra white space in them, as it takes up extra space and more data in the response. The jsonprettyprint option is available when testing the service to have a more human-readable version of the response, but it is not recommended when actually using the service in software.

Json and Xml return objects will also contain a List of type <dataset model> for the given query.
The list's name in the complex return object will be "ResultList"


{"PageNumber":1,"PageCount":60,"ResultCount":2,"ResultDateTime":"2021-07-25T20:38:04.5421414-06:00","ResultList":[{"callNumber":16596,"callType":"UPSTREAM JUNIOR CALL","dateTimeSet":"2015-05-04T08:00:00","dateTimeReleased":null,"waterSourceName":"SAN FRANCISCO CREEK","locationWdid":"2400583","locationWdidStreammile":4.15,"locationStructureName":"SAN FRANCISCO D","priorityWdid":"2400583","priorityStructureName":"SAN FRANCISCO D","priorityAdminNumber":3804.00000,"priorityOrderNumber":0,"priorityDate":"1860-05-31T00:00:00","priorityNumber":"14","boundingWdid":null,"boundingStructureName":null,"setComments":null,"releaseComment":null,"division":3,"locationStructureLatitude":37.100937,"locationStructureLongitude":-105.345769,"boundingStructureLatitude":null,"boundingStructureLongitude":null,"modified":"2015-05-04T09:48:08.54","moreInformation":""},{"callNumber":16597,"callType":"CALL","dateTimeSet":"2015-05-04T08:00:00","dateTimeReleased":null,"waterSourceName":"CULEBRA CREEK","locationWdid":"2400581","locationWdidStreammile":17.14,"locationStructureName":"SAN ACACIO D","priorityWdid":"2400522","priorityStructureName":"CERRO D","priorityAdminNumber":2891.00000,"priorityOrderNumber":0,"priorityDate":"1857-11-30T00:00:00","priorityNumber":"11","boundingWdid":null,"boundingStructureName":null,"setComments":null,"releaseComment":null,"division":3,"locationStructureLatitude":37.202413,"locationStructureLongitude":-105.492071,"boundingStructureLatitude":null,"boundingStructureLongitude":null,"modified":"2015-05-04T12:02:11.463","moreInformation":""}]}

Json pretty print

{ "PageNumber": 1, "PageCount": 60, "ResultCount": 2, "ResultDateTime": "2021-07-25T20:38:04.5421414-06:00", "ResultList": [ { "callNumber": 16596, "callType": "UPSTREAM JUNIOR CALL", "dateTimeSet": "2015-05-04T08:00:00", "dateTimeReleased": null, "waterSourceName": "SAN FRANCISCO CREEK", "locationWdid": "2400583", "locationWdidStreammile": 4.15, "locationStructureName": "SAN FRANCISCO D", "priorityWdid": "2400583", "priorityStructureName": "SAN FRANCISCO D", "priorityAdminNumber": 3804.00000, "priorityOrderNumber": 0, "priorityDate": "1860-05-31T00:00:00", "priorityNumber": "14", "boundingWdid": null, "boundingStructureName": null, "setComments": null, "releaseComment": null, "division": 3, "locationStructureLatitude": 37.100937, "locationStructureLongitude": -105.345769, "boundingStructureLatitude": null, "boundingStructureLongitude": null, "modified": "2015-05-04T09:48:08.54", "moreInformation": "" }, { "callNumber": 16597, "callType": "CALL", "dateTimeSet": "2015-05-04T08:00:00", "dateTimeReleased": null, "waterSourceName": "CULEBRA CREEK", "locationWdid": "2400581", "locationWdidStreammile": 17.14, "locationStructureName": "SAN ACACIO D", "priorityWdid": "2400522", "priorityStructureName": "CERRO D", "priorityAdminNumber": 2891.00000, "priorityOrderNumber": 0, "priorityDate": "1857-11-30T00:00:00", "priorityNumber": "11", "boundingWdid": null, "boundingStructureName": null, "setComments": null, "releaseComment": null, "division": 3, "locationStructureLatitude": 37.202413, "locationStructureLongitude": -105.492071, "boundingStructureLatitude": null, "boundingStructureLongitude": null, "modified": "2015-05-04T12:02:11.463", "moreInformation": "" } ] }


<ResponseDataOfAdminCall xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""><PageNumber>1</PageNumber><PageCount>60</PageCount><ResultCount>2</ResultCount><ResultList><AdminCall><callNumber>16596</callNumber><callType>UPSTREAM JUNIOR CALL</callType><dateTimeSet>2015-05-04T08:00:00</dateTimeSet><dateTimeReleased xsi:nil="true" /><waterSourceName>SAN FRANCISCO CREEK</waterSourceName><locationWdid>2400583</locationWdid><locationWdidStreammile>4.15</locationWdidStreammile><locationStructureName>SAN FRANCISCO D</locationStructureName><priorityWdid>2400583</priorityWdid><priorityStructureName>SAN FRANCISCO D</priorityStructureName><priorityAdminNumber>3804.00000</priorityAdminNumber><priorityOrderNumber>0</priorityOrderNumber><priorityDate>1860-05-31T00:00:00</priorityDate><priorityNumber>14</priorityNumber><division>3</division><locationStructureLatitude>37.100937</locationStructureLatitude><locationStructureLongitude>-105.345769</locationStructureLongitude><boundingStructureLatitude xsi:nil="true" /><boundingStructureLongitude xsi:nil="true" /><modified>2015-05-04T09:48:08.54</modified><moreInformation></moreInformation></AdminCall><AdminCall><callNumber>16597</callNumber><callType>CALL</callType><dateTimeSet>2015-05-04T08:00:00</dateTimeSet><dateTimeReleased xsi:nil="true" /><waterSourceName>CULEBRA CREEK</waterSourceName><locationWdid>2400581</locationWdid><locationWdidStreammile>17.14</locationWdidStreammile><locationStructureName>SAN ACACIO D</locationStructureName><priorityWdid>2400522</priorityWdid><priorityStructureName>CERRO D</priorityStructureName><priorityAdminNumber>2891.00000</priorityAdminNumber><priorityOrderNumber>0</priorityOrderNumber><priorityDate>1857-11-30T00:00:00</priorityDate><priorityNumber>11</priorityNumber><division>3</division><locationStructureLatitude>37.202413</locationStructureLatitude><locationStructureLongitude>-105.492071</locationStructureLongitude><boundingStructureLatitude xsi:nil="true" /><boundingStructureLongitude xsi:nil="true" /><modified>2015-05-04T12:02:11.463</modified><moreInformation></moreInformation></AdminCall></ResultList></ResponseDataOfAdminCall>

Xml pretty print

<ResponseDataOfAdminCall xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> <PageNumber>1</PageNumber> <PageCount>60</PageCount> <ResultCount>2</ResultCount> <ResultList> <AdminCall> <callNumber>16596</callNumber> <callType>UPSTREAM JUNIOR CALL</callType> <dateTimeSet>2015-05-04T08:00:00</dateTimeSet> <dateTimeReleased xsi:nil="true" /> <waterSourceName>SAN FRANCISCO CREEK</waterSourceName> <locationWdid>2400583</locationWdid> <locationWdidStreammile>4.15</locationWdidStreammile> <locationStructureName>SAN FRANCISCO D</locationStructureName> <priorityWdid>2400583</priorityWdid> <priorityStructureName>SAN FRANCISCO D</priorityStructureName> <priorityAdminNumber>3804.00000</priorityAdminNumber> <priorityOrderNumber>0</priorityOrderNumber> <priorityDate>1860-05-31T00:00:00</priorityDate> <priorityNumber>14</priorityNumber> <division>3</division> <locationStructureLatitude>37.100937</locationStructureLatitude> <locationStructureLongitude>-105.345769</locationStructureLongitude> <boundingStructureLatitude xsi:nil="true" /> <boundingStructureLongitude xsi:nil="true" /> <modified>2015-05-04T09:48:08.54</modified> <moreInformation></moreInformation> </AdminCall> <AdminCall> <callNumber>16597</callNumber> <callType>CALL</callType> <dateTimeSet>2015-05-04T08:00:00</dateTimeSet> <dateTimeReleased xsi:nil="true" /> <waterSourceName>CULEBRA CREEK</waterSourceName> <locationWdid>2400581</locationWdid> <locationWdidStreammile>17.14</locationWdidStreammile> <locationStructureName>SAN ACACIO D</locationStructureName> <priorityWdid>2400522</priorityWdid> <priorityStructureName>CERRO D</priorityStructureName> <priorityAdminNumber>2891.00000</priorityAdminNumber> <priorityOrderNumber>0</priorityOrderNumber> <priorityDate>1857-11-30T00:00:00</priorityDate> <priorityNumber>11</priorityNumber> <division>3</division> <locationStructureLatitude>37.202413</locationStructureLatitude> <locationStructureLongitude>-105.492071</locationStructureLongitude> <boundingStructureLatitude xsi:nil="true" /> <boundingStructureLongitude xsi:nil="true" /> <modified>2015-05-04T12:02:11.463</modified> <moreInformation></moreInformation> </AdminCall> </ResultList> </ResponseDataOfAdminCall>

CSV will return the above object and a List of type <dataset model> for the given query as comma separated values.

  • The first row will contain the names of the above fields (PageCount, PageNumber, ResultCount, and ResultList)
  • The second row will contain the values in accordance with the above fields
  • The third row will contain the names of each field within the dataset model object
  • All filled rows after the third row will contain a record (the cell values will correspond with the above named field for the current record)


PageNumber,PageCount,ResultCount,ResultDateTime 1,60,2,2021-07-25T20:38:04.5421414-06:00 callNumber,callType,dateTimeSet,dateTimeReleased,waterSourceName,locationWdid,locationWdidStreammile,locationStructureName,priorityWdid,priorityStructureName,priorityAdminNumber,priorityOrderNumber,priorityDate,priorityNumber,boundingWdid,boundingStructureName,setComments,releaseComment,division,locationStructureLatitude,locationStructureLongitude,boundingStructureLatitude,boundingStructureLongitude,modified,moreInformation 16596,UPSTREAM JUNIOR CALL,2015-05-04T08:00:00.0000000,,SAN FRANCISCO CREEK,2400583,4.15,SAN FRANCISCO D,2400583,SAN FRANCISCO D,3804.00000,0,1860-05-31T00:00:00.0000000,14,,,,,3,37.100937,-105.345769,,,2015-05-04T09:48:08.5400000, 16597,CALL,2015-05-04T08:00:00.0000000,,CULEBRA CREEK,2400581,17.14,SAN ACACIO D,2400522,CERRO D,2891.00000,0,1857-11-30T00:00:00.0000000,11,,,,,3,37.202413,-105.492071,,,2015-05-04T12:02:11.4630000,

CSV (formatted as a table)

PageNumber PageCount ResultCount ResultDateTime
1 60 2 2021-07-25T20:38:04.5421414-06:00
callNumber callType dateTimeSet dateTimeReleased waterSourceName locationWdid locationWdidStreammile locationStructureName priorityWdid priorityStructureName priorityAdminNumber priorityOrderNumber priorityDate priorityNumber boundingWdid boundingStructureName setComments releaseComment division locationStructureLatitude locationStructureLongitude boundingStructureLatitude boundingStructureLongitude modified moreInformation
16596 UPSTREAM JUNIOR CALL 2015-05-04T08:00:00.0000000 SAN FRANCISCO CREEK 2400583 4.15 SAN FRANCISCO D 2400583 SAN FRANCISCO D 3804.00000 0 1860-05-31T00:00:00.0000000 14 3 37.100937 -105.345769 2015-05-04T09:48:08.5400000
16597 CALL 2015-05-04T08:00:00.0000000 CULEBRA CREEK 2400581 17.14 SAN ACACIO D 2400522 CERRO D 2891.00000 0 1857-11-30T00:00:00.0000000 11 3 37.202413 -105.492071 2015-05-04T12:02:11.4630000

GeoJson return objects will also contain a GeoJsonFeatureCollection object called "GeoJsonFeatureCollection".
This GeoJsonFeatureCollection and everything within it is valid GeoJson.

Note: The outer object that holds the GeoJsonFeatureCollection is not valid GeoJson however, so you will have to extract the GeoJsonFeatureCollection from its parent


{"PageNumber":1,"PageCount":60,"ResultCount":2,"ResultDateTime":"2021-07-25T20:38:04.5421414-06:00","GeoJsonFeatureCollection":{"type":"FeatureCollection","features":[{"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-105.345769,37.100937]},"properties":{"callNumber":16596,"callType":"UPSTREAM JUNIOR CALL","dateTimeSet":"2015-05-04T08:00:00","dateTimeReleased":null,"waterSourceName":"SAN FRANCISCO CREEK","locationWdid":"2400583","locationWdidStreammile":4.15,"locationStructureName":"SAN FRANCISCO D","priorityWdid":"2400583","priorityStructureName":"SAN FRANCISCO D","priorityAdminNumber":3804.00000,"priorityOrderNumber":0,"priorityDate":"1860-05-31T00:00:00","priorityNumber":"14","boundingWdid":null,"boundingStructureName":null,"setComments":null,"releaseComment":null,"division":3,"locationStructureLatitude":37.100937,"locationStructureLongitude":-105.345769,"boundingStructureLatitude":null,"boundingStructureLongitude":null,"modified":"2015-05-04T09:48:08.54","moreInformation":""}},{"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-105.492071,37.202413]},"properties":{"callNumber":16597,"callType":"CALL","dateTimeSet":"2015-05-04T08:00:00","dateTimeReleased":null,"waterSourceName":"CULEBRA CREEK","locationWdid":"2400581","locationWdidStreammile":17.14,"locationStructureName":"SAN ACACIO D","priorityWdid":"2400522","priorityStructureName":"CERRO D","priorityAdminNumber":2891.00000,"priorityOrderNumber":0,"priorityDate":"1857-11-30T00:00:00","priorityNumber":"11","boundingWdid":null,"boundingStructureName":null,"setComments":null,"releaseComment":null,"division":3,"locationStructureLatitude":37.202413,"locationStructureLongitude":-105.492071,"boundingStructureLatitude":null,"boundingStructureLongitude":null,"modified":"2015-05-04T12:02:11.463","moreInformation":""}}]}}

GeoJson pretty print

{ "PageNumber": 1, "PageCount": 60, "ResultCount": 2, "ResultDateTime": "2021-07-25T20:38:04.5421414-06:00", "GeoJsonFeatureCollection": { "type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [ { "type": "Feature", "geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [ -105.345769, 37.100937 ] }, "properties": { "callNumber": 16596, "callType": "UPSTREAM JUNIOR CALL", "dateTimeSet": "2015-05-04T08:00:00", "dateTimeReleased": null, "waterSourceName": "SAN FRANCISCO CREEK", "locationWdid": "2400583", "locationWdidStreammile": 4.15, "locationStructureName": "SAN FRANCISCO D", "priorityWdid": "2400583", "priorityStructureName": "SAN FRANCISCO D", "priorityAdminNumber": 3804.00000, "priorityOrderNumber": 0, "priorityDate": "1860-05-31T00:00:00", "priorityNumber": "14", "boundingWdid": null, "boundingStructureName": null, "setComments": null, "releaseComment": null, "division": 3, "locationStructureLatitude": 37.100937, "locationStructureLongitude": -105.345769, "boundingStructureLatitude": null, "boundingStructureLongitude": null, "modified": "2015-05-04T09:48:08.54", "moreInformation": "" } }, { "type": "Feature", "geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [ -105.492071, 37.202413 ] }, "properties": { "callNumber": 16597, "callType": "CALL", "dateTimeSet": "2015-05-04T08:00:00", "dateTimeReleased": null, "waterSourceName": "CULEBRA CREEK", "locationWdid": "2400581", "locationWdidStreammile": 17.14, "locationStructureName": "SAN ACACIO D", "priorityWdid": "2400522", "priorityStructureName": "CERRO D", "priorityAdminNumber": 2891.00000, "priorityOrderNumber": 0, "priorityDate": "1857-11-30T00:00:00", "priorityNumber": "11", "boundingWdid": null, "boundingStructureName": null, "setComments": null, "releaseComment": null, "division": 3, "locationStructureLatitude": 37.202413, "locationStructureLongitude": -105.492071, "boundingStructureLatitude": null, "boundingStructureLongitude": null, "modified": "2015-05-04T12:02:11.463", "moreInformation": "" } } ] } }